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About Sean Hoppe Consulting Group

Updated: November 19th, 2018

We are a full service company that assists Cleo Customers in Cleo support, teaching Cleo best practices, Cleo trading partner onboarding, and Cleo migrations. We are fully certified and trained in Cleo Clarify , Cleo EDI Integrator for i, Harmony, VLTrader, EXTOL Secure and the various supported adapters. We specialize in Cleo/JDEdwards and Cleo/SAP Implementations.

We offer specialized training where we walk Cleo customers thru their set-ups and review where / how best practices are used.

In addition to being fully certified, we have been a Cleo Business Partner since 2012.

Cleo/EXTOL Experience:

The founder, Sean Hoppe, has 20 years experience performing Cleo/EXTOL implementations for financial firms, manufacturers, distributors, logistics and healthcare companies.

For 7 years Sean was member of EXTOL International. While at EXTOL, Sean held roles in the services/implementation group, development and technical support providing level 2 and 3 application support.

In addition to implementation experience, Sean has been using EXTOL products for 12 years as an Cleo/EXTOL client. This experience can make a difference when it comes to dealing with day to day issues.

In 2017 Sean formed ReaKtor LabZ to assist customers in meeting their daily challenges with 360 views of their data, SLAs, secure visibility, allowing smart phone access, and reducing charge-backs. ReaKtor LabZ developed ProaKtor to meet daily challenges and make customer date more accessible to internal/external users.

The Sean Hoppe Consulting Group Difference between us and other firms

Us and the Rest:

Better Value with a Better Price: When customers compare our prices to the level of service, we win hands down. We do not have the bloated infrastructure where customers have to pay the salary of a President, Salesman, and Services Director.

We Work as a Team in 1 Location: Our full time employees all work in the same location. This allows us to learn/adapt. This would not happen if the resources were spread out geographically.

Always Investing in Education: From the moment our customers see our websites, we are constantly staying abreast of new Cleo/EXTOL methods and functionality. Between our constantly updated EverythingCleo Twitter Feed, our Cleo/EXTOL Blog, and Tech Memos, we keep our customers educated about new techniques and methodology, in addition to the latest Cleo updates.

In addition to creating free documentation and free posts, we offer free Cleo Clarify YouTube Videos. We find the best Clarify user to be the informed Clarify user.

NO Sales People: We are tech people just like you.. We understand your challenges and we wear multiple hats just like you. We can help you resolve your Cleo/EXTOL issues and help with you project planning, without the selling.

Exclusively Supporting Cleo/EXTOL: In today's world it is hard to be an expert in everything. Where some firms tout experience with EVERYTHING; we broadcast our exclusive Cleo/EXTOL experience and the inter workings of their solutions.

Quality Control and Best Practices: Organizations looking for Cleo/Extol consultants dedicate time and money to find/utilize outside assistance. Being in a single location with experienced Cleo/EXTOL users, we have a great internal support structure that allows us to support each other, promote quality control, and ensure end-users we are not learning the product on the customer's dime.

We Dominate our Space: We show current and future customers how to empower themselves with Cleo products for FREE; not many companies can make this claim. We have been giving away free tips, advice, error resolutions and free consultations since 2006. We don't get paid for our FREE instructions, tips and articles; we enjoy assisting fellow users.

Cleo/EXTOL Resources:

We employ and contract former EXTOL/Cleo employees who know and use the best practices we preach. Combined, we have 45 years experience of using EXTOL solutions in the form of support, training, and development. Our full-time employees and contractors are customer centric meaning we focus our efforts around our customers' hours, budgets and goals.

We have supported EXTOL/Cleo customers since 2006; we understand that not everything operates in a vacuum. Meaning as some consulting firms are closing up shop at 5pm, we work extended hours with our customers; remote or local.


  • 2 years of developing software solutions for Cleo customers
  • 20 years of iSeries-AS400 support/operations
  • 20 years of daily hands-on usage of EXTOL EDI Integrator mapping/implementation
  • 14 years of daily hands-on usage Extol Business Integrator (EBI)
  • 14 years of RPG III/RPG IV programming
  • 15 years of using Extol Secure Exchange (ESX)
  • 15 years of using Extol Portal
  • 15 years of Extol HIPAA module
  • 13 years of Extol/JD Edwards customization
  • 13 years of Extol/JD Edwards day-to-day operations

We Hiring EXTOL Cleo full time, part time resources

Weekly Updates:

We are the only company on the globe that provides weekly updates/how-to's/best practices for Cleo/EXTOL Products.

In addition to working one-on-one with our Cleo/EXTOL Clients, we provide free updates/postings/newsletters. Follow us on Twitter and our RSS Feeds.

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