EXTOL Announces EEI 6.5 Features and Updates

EXTOL Announces EEI 6.5 Features and Updates

1st April 2015

EXTOL EDI Integrator 6.5 Roadmap

On April 1, 2015, Jim OLeary and Tammy Moyer from EXTOL showed users the new features and updates of EXTOL EDI Integrator 6.5. Some of the features include:

  • Additional Flat File Mapping Support - Track non-EDI documents in EXTOL
  • Enhanced Carbon Copy - Send a copy of an inbound document to a 3rd party automatically, by updating envelope data
  • Change Management - Track mapping modifications and restore to prior versions
  • Repeating Elements - Support repeating elements for EDIFACT
  • Enhanced Dashboard Capabilities

Currently in beta form, there is no set release date for 6.5. EXTOL is expecting to release 6.5 this summer of 2015.

During the April 1st Webinar, there was discussion of future updates to EXTOL EDI Integrator. These features include:

  • Visibility - Add TP grouping options to display messaging
  • Stability - Infrastructure
  • Messaging - Improved warning and error messaging

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