6th April 2016


On Monday April 4, 2016 the Baran family announced that EXTOL will be bought by Cleo.

This acquisition will usher in a new era of blood and re-rejuvenate EXTOL EDI Integrator and EXTOL Business Integrator.

EXTOL April 5th 2016 Press Release:

It is with great excitement today that we announce that EXTOL International has been acquired and is now part of the Cleo family! This is extremely positive news for these two companies and for you, our valued and trusted customers.

For more than 25 years, EXTOL has been well-known for great data transformation and enterprise data integration technology. Cleo, for four decades, has also been serving the enterprise integration market with great and complementary data communications and enterprise integration solutions. Over the past year, Cleo and EXTOL have partnered to solve a variety of complex data communications challenges, and because of that successful collaboration, we are now extending our partnership to a marriage as one unified company.

So what does this acquisition mean for EXTOL customers? It means you get the same great customer support, but also access to a broader suite of integration solutions to meet more of your enterprise integration needs. These advanced enterprise integration technologies are now being offered from one company with a broad enterprise integration software product suite called the Cleo Integration Suite, which includes other highly capable and scalable integration solutions that can bring you value.

“It has been my honor to be of service to you over the years as EXTOL has grown into the leading data transformation and data integration company that it is,” said Tony Baran, chief executive officer of EXTOL. “We are thrilled for the opportunities to come from this acquisition, and Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan and Cleo President Sumit Garg share our commitment to innovation in solving all business data use cases and to top-level customer support.

"We were so excited to find Cleo and their talented team and product vision. You’ve joined a bigger family that strengthens and extends all of the great things we’ve built at EXTOL. Cleo’s expansive product suite features great integration products backed by a caring and professional company, and I am excited for what our employees, customers, and partners will experience going forward.

"Cleo has very talented professionals in every department that complement ours in caring, skill, and can-do culture, and the company’s great products complement existing EXTOL offerings in capability, design, quality, and support. You, the valued EXTOL customer, are in very good hands as a Cleo customer served and supported by the same EXTOL team that is now part of the larger Cleo team. Bringing together these great teams is truly a match made in heaven.”

“EXTOL’s incredible technology, excellent customer support, and experienced software teams drew us to them,” said Mahesh Rajasekharan, Ph.D., chief executive officer of Cleo. “The EXTOL data transformation technology extends and strengthens the Cleo Integration Suite and provides immense value for EXTOL customers, who can continue to expect the very best product and service offerings from the Cleo family. EXTOL and Cleo are honored to serve you as one unified company.”

More About Cleo

Based in Loves Park, Ill., Cleo has been in business since 1976. The company is known for its superior managed file transfer, data movement, and enterprise integration software solutions. With EXTOL and Cleo as one, there are now more than 200 team members committed to delivering world-class enterprise integration solutions and supporting your success.

This acquisition brings together proven product solutions and talented software teams that now power the Cleo Integration Suite, which is comprised of integrated and highly capable secure enterprise integration products that interoperate to serve converging integration needs across use patterns.

These use patterns include B2B integration, application integration, data integration, cloud integration, big data integration, data transformation, secure file sharing, managed file transfer (MFT), accelerated and extreme file transfer, document management, intelligent data routing, content validation, data quality, workflow and orchestration, and more. More information on Cleo can be found at

Again, this is exciting news, and the combined forces of EXTOL and Cleo are now operating as one to support you while innovating on the best of future enterprise integration solutions. We look forward to providing our customers the most comprehensive, cutting-edge enterprise integration solutions with our new Cleo colleagues and friends!

Tony Baran

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