Cleo EEI 7.1 Released with Neat Features

Cleo EEI 7.1 Released with Neat Features

4th June 2017

On May 17, 2017 Cleo released Cleo EEI 7.1. Below are some of the cool features 7.1 contains.

Uptime Maintenance

Uptime Maintenance is a modification to the command DLTDTA. Uptime
Maintenance allows users to reorganize with serious impact to ongoing processing of inbound and outbound records.

Work with Errors

Users will now be able to troubleshoot and resolve errors from within the Work with Connections, in the Mailroom. 

Send Error Notification

Useres will now be able to configure an Error Notification (ER) Exit Point to create error notifications. This will eliminate the need to create custom CLs with many MONMSG actions.

Trading Partner Authorization

Organizations will now be able to manage user access to trading partners. An Authorization List can allow or deny user access to options in a trading partner. 

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