EXTOL releases EDI Integrator (EEI) 6.4

EXTOL releases EDI Integrator (EEI) 6.4

21st December 2013

EXTOL has released EDI Integrator 6.4

Below are some of the snippets EXTOL has released in its Whats New in EEI 6.4.pdf file.

Automated FTP (AFTP) provides FTP customers an automatic way to create connections only when files exist on the remote server. It also runs an automated job that polls a site in scheduled intervals. High-volume customers may be especially interested in this feature.

Enhanced Web UI for EEI
The Web UI, which provides users with a browser-based front-end, has been enhanced with an updated look and feel as well as added functionality, such as auto-enter and a commonly used options menu. The updated UI is designed to take users through EEI screens faster for a seamless user experience.

New Standards
EEI supports new X12 standards 6050.

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
To follow Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance, the authority on the EEI libraries has been changed to exclude public profiles. EEI users must have EXTOLOWN group (or supplemental group) authority in their profiles to be authorized to the EEI libraries and the objects in them.

Various bug fixes and performance improvements
Changes include improving the purge, save total trading partner, port maintenance, and interchange send options.

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