EXTOL University - EBI 3 Project Deployment/Management

EXTOL University - EBI 3 Project Deployment/Management

11th October 2014


Tom France’s session on EBI 3 Project Deployment/Management explored how projects are created, interaction between projects, project dependencies via MANIFESTs, how they are viewed, and how they are deployed.

Due to time limitations we were not able to review all the exercises in Project Management. We did not review Part 2: Project Deployment.

Part 1: Project Management

  • Exercise 1: Create a Project
  • Exercise 2: Edit the Project Manifest
  • Exercise 3: Add a Package to a Project
  • Exercise 4: Customize the Project View
  • Exercise 5: Copying Files between Projects
  • Exercise 6: Resolving Project Dependencies

Part 2: Project Deployment

  • Exercise 1: Deploy a Scenario to Local Test Server
  • Exercise 2: Deploy a Project to a Remote Server
  • Exercise 3: Updating Projects on a Remote Server
  • Exercise 4: Uninstall Projects from Remote Server

If users are looking for more information on these exercises, check out the links below:

Deploy/Install EXTOL Project/Packages/Objects to EBI 3 Server

How to Update EBI Server Projects After Deployed/Installed

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