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EXTOL EDI Integrator (EEI) - How to start an external call program

19th January 2014

An EXTOL EDI Integrator EDI program should not be difficult if you understand RPG III/IV.

STEP ONE: Ask yourself: “Can I use an EXTOL Formula instead of an external call?” This is critical because a simple formula might save you time/money. If/then/else logic and arithmetic can be done within a formula.

STEP TWO: Determine if you need the long parm list versus the short parm list. This determination all depends on what information you pass into your program. For example: If you need to pass in a single variable to be manipulated, then users want to use the short parameter list. If users need to pass in EXTOL generated values such as the EXTOL Message Log Number and EXTOL Connection Log number, then the long parameter list makes sense.

STEP THREE: Locate a sample RPG program that can be used as a template for creating your new external call. Ideally users will utilize the working examples in EXTSYS/QRPGSRC. Note: Do not save new source code in EXTSYS/QRPGSRC. This data can be overwritten during an EXTOL release update.

STEP FOUR: Now that we are heading in the right direction for the external call, we want to start looking into the basics of the EXTOL RPG External Call.

Click Here to start writing your first EXTOL RPG External Call.

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