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EXTOL JOB Descriptions (JOBD) explained

16th June 2014

EXTOL Supplies the following iSeries job descriptions:

EXCMNJOBD - EXTOL EDI Integrator communications job description
EXSAVJOBD - EXTOL EDI Integrator save/restore job description
EXSCDJOBD - EXTOL EDI default job scheduler job description
EXTEDBJOBD - EXTOL dash board job description
EXTESXJOBD - EXTOL EDI Integrator EBI interface job description
EXTRNJOBD - EXTOL EDI Integrator translation job description

My notes on the JOBDs:

  • EXTRNJOBD is used for any inbound/outbound job being processed by EXTOL EDI Integrator. This JOBD is commonly used for jobs such as CRTAPPDTA(B).
  • EXCMNJOBD is used by all communications jobs such as STRCTLSCR.
  • EXSAVJOBD is used anytime data is archived or deleted. This also includes anytime data is manually deleted such as connections, interchanges and etc.

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