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EXTOL Secure (ESX) - Setting up an AS2 File Listener

22nd January 2014

Just as we reviewed the EXTOL Secure File Writers, we are reviewing ESX File Listener. The file listener will monitor directories (local/networked) and pass the data to an outbound channel when data is present.

In the example above, we set-up a listener to monitor for the txt extension. We monitor the directory every 60 seconds.

When selecting the pattern to scan on, we are promoted to identify which EXTOL Secure Outbound Channel to use. If a file with the txt extension is present, the data is passed to the Outbound Channel: Outbound.Easylink.

After Creating the File Listener:

The Outbound Channel: Outbound.Easylink is then associated with the Easylink AS2 partnership as a Subscription Channel.

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