February 2015 Newsletter

EXTOL Business Partner Sean Hoppe

Best Practices, How-To Guides & On-line Instructions

Dear Sean Hoppe:

The Sean Hoppe Consulting Group has the largest selection of EXTOL on-line guides. As an EXTOL customer we are offering free access to these instructions, tips,  and tech memos. NO registration is required.

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EBI 3 for Beginners
Search & Replace Functionality
Users of EBI 2.6 know it's difficult to rename objects without incurring conflicts. Did you know EBI 3 has Search and Replace Functionality? Click here to learn how to rename objects and links with impunity
Advanced Users
Using the XPATH Task
The XPATH task can be used in business processes to read elements/attributes in XML data.  This task provides functionality to read/interrogate XML data without a ruleset. It can also be used to perform tasks based on values found in the XML path. Click here to learn how to use the XPATH task.
EBI 2.6 for Beginners Auditor Log Basics
Finding information in the EBI Auditor can be quite challenging at times. Setting up Log Filters and Group Filters can help. Click here to learn how to set up filters.
Click here to learn how to set up the Auditor Log to review errors only.
Advanced Users
EXTOL Derby Database
EBI 2.6 uses Derby Database as the back-end Database. Click here to learn how to connect to EXTOL Derby Database.
Click here to learn how to query the Derby Database to determine if an outbound document was sent and determine ISA/GS information.
EEI for Beginners
When to Purge EXTOL EDI Integrator
For some EEI customers, purging is a daily process. For others, purging might be once a quarter. Click here to learn how to determine if you are pushing the "limits" with member counts.
Advanced Users
Explore EEI's EXTSYSF Tables
There is a wealth of knowledge about your EDI data stored in tables located in Library EXTSYSF. Click here to learn how to query tables and gain valuable information about your EDI data.
Setting Up Trading Partners via the Webtool
The backbone of EXTOL's VAN is ICCNet/Easylink. With this tool users can perform a Trading Partner Relationship searches and set up new VAN Partnerships,
Click here to learn how to set up Trading Partners via the Webtool.