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With 15 years of EXTOL experience, we can help you turn data into action.

With conventional EDI we are used to well behaved data that lives in big relational databases. Knowing how to map data in EXTOL and set-up an EXTOL Trading partner is essential, but data streams are growing. Additional EXTOL skills are needed to grow with your data.

Relational databases are excellent at handling stuff that comes in discreet packets, such as your social security number or a purchase order number. Out in the real world, most data is unstructured. Handling this sort of real, messy, scrappy data, isn't so simple.

We are going to help you ask the questions that need to be answered, understand your data better, and use EXTOL solutions to structure your data better.

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When users implement an EXTOL solution, the set-ups can be basic or elaborate. Depending on the complexity users need a basic understanding of the tool-set and how it operates.

We can show users how to efficiently use EXTOL products and customize for their organizational needs.