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CLEO DDS - Freight Transportation Invoice 210 Header

Cleo EDI Integrator Users can use the our spreadsheet to assist with x12 EDI 210 field, element mappings. Click here for XLS >

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     A          R E210HD                    TEXT('EDI PAYABLES INV HEADER FILE')
     A            CONONM         2          TEXT('COMPANY NUMBER')
     A            PRONBR        10          TEXT('PRO NUMBER')
     A            VENDOR         5S 0       TEXT('VENDOR NUMBER')
     A            DATEPD         8S 0       TEXT('DATE PAID')
     A            CHKNBR         5          TEXT('CHECK NUMBER')
     A            INVNBR         8          TEXT('INVOICE NUMBER')
     A            INVAMT         9  2       TEXT('INVOICE AMOUNT')
     A            SHNAME        35          TEXT('SHIPPER NAME')
     A            SHADD1        35          TEXT('SHIPPER ADDRESS 1')
     A            SHADD2        35          TEXT('SHIPPER ADDRESS 2')
     A            SHCITY        19          TEXT('SHIPPER CITY')
     A            SHSTAT         2          TEXT('SHIPPER STATE')
     A            SHZIP          9          TEXT('SHIPPER ZIP CODE')
     A            CNNAME        35          TEXT('CONSIGNEE NAME')
     A            CNADD1        35          TEXT('CONSIGNEE ADDRESS 1')
     A            CNADD2        35          TEXT('CONSIGNEE ADDRESS 2')
     A            CNCITY        19          TEXT('CONSIGNEE CITY')
     A            CNSTAT         2          TEXT('CONSIGNEE STATE')
     A            CNZIP          9          TEXT('CONSIGNEE ZIP CODE')
     A            PUDATE         8S 0       TEXT('PICK UP/BILL DATE')
     A            PROCCD         1          TEXT('PROCESSED CODE: *=PAID')
     A            MTHPAY         2          TEXT('PP=PREPAID  CC=COLLECT')
     A            PRTNID        10          TEXT('PARTNER I.D.')
     A            WARNCD         1          TEXT('*=WARN. A=WARN. BUT APPROVED')


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