Everything EXTOL :: May 2015

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Dear Kelly Motuk:

This month we look at how we can place EXTOL EDI Integrator into debug mode and the email commands users can implement in and out of EXTOL. For EBI 2.6 and earlier releases we explore how to force transformation errors in rulesets and how to force 997 statuses in the EBI Auditor. In  EXTOL Business Integrator 3.2 we review how to set-up a business process to send via SFTP. For advanced users, we show how to encrypt the data via PGP..

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Beginner and Advanced Topics for EXTOL Business Integrator 3
EBI 3 for Beginners


SFTP is becoming a popular communications method, we show users how to set-up a business process for an outbound SFTP PUT process.  To learn more CLICK HERE >
Advanced Users

Use SFTP and PGP

Setting up PGP and SFTP in EBI should not be difficult. We show how to set-up 3 individual business processes to encrypt and send via SFTP. To see how this is done, CLICK HERE >
Beginner and Advanced Topics for EXTOL Business Integrator 2.6
EBI 2.6 for Beginners

Update 997 Status

We show how to update an outbound document in the EBI Auditor. This is a helpful feature when a TP does not plan to send back a 997 . To learn more about 997s, CLICK HERE >
Advanced Users

Force Errors

If EBI users need to force a transformation error, then we can help. We should how force an exemption error in an EBI ruleset. To see how to use this functionality in the ruleset, CLICK HERE >
Beginner and Advanced Topics for EXTOL EDI Integrator
EEI for Beginners

Debug Mode

EXTOL uses the data area EXDBG to turn debug on and off. We show users how the DTAARA can be used. To learn more, CLICK HERE >

Advanced Users

Email Support

EEI gives users the ability to send basic emails, emails with attachments, and emails with EDI data. We will show you the commands and code examples. To lean more  CLICK HERE >
EXTOL Secure Exchange 5.5
EXTOL Secure
Back-Up ESX Realtime
ESX users can use EXTOL commands to perform a back-up of sessions, preferences, and certificates. To learn more, CLICK HERE >