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This month we look at how we can capture outbound EDI data before it is actually sent in EXTOL EDI Integrator. For EBI 2.6 and earlier releases we show users how to start the Business Manager in suspend mode. In  EXTOL Business Integrator 3.2.1 we review the Auditor and make sense of the information overload, with Log Filters and Log Filter Groups.

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Beginner and Advanced Topics for EXTOL Business Integrator 3
EBI 3 for Beginners

EBI 3 Studio Update

Last month EXTOL released version 3.2.1 of EBI. We show users how to update to the latest and greatest version of EBI 3 Studio. To see how the update is performed, CLICK HERE >
Advanced Users

Using Log Filters

The EBI 3 Auditor can be intimidating with information. We show how to set-up Log Groups and Log Filters to make sense of the data.To see more, CLICK HERE >
Beginner and Advanced Topics for EXTOL Business Integrator 2.6
EBI 2.6 for Beginners

Server in Suspend

There are times we need to start the EBI Server without filesystem monitors starting. We show users how to start the EBI Server in Suspend Mode. To see how, CLICK HERE >
Advanced Users

Test for Data

In Business Process Scripts, we use the HAS DATA task, to see if data is present when after we perform a SQL Select; this prevents many errors. To learn more , CLICK HERE >
Beginner and Advanced Topics for EXTOL EDI Integrator
EEI for Beginners


Using the Network: *FILE, EXTOL users can stop and review outbound data before it is sent. With our Amazon.com example we show useres how. To learn more, CLICK HERE >
Advanced Users

Email Support

Call EXENOTE from an EXTOL Formula. Users have the ability to send an email from a map using an executable formula.To see how to use this email and formula feature,   CLICK HERE >
EXTOL Secure Exchange 5.5
EXTOL Secure
Set-up/Maintain Email Notifications
Most of the time, ESX performs under-the-covers without any issues. There are times though that we need to be notified about issues, To learn more about alerts, CLICK HERE >
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