March 2015 Newsletter

March 2015 EXTOL Everything Newsletter

Best Practices, How-To Guides & On-line Instructions

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EXTOL Business Integrator 3 Tips
EBI 3 for Beginners

Create Inbound EDI Mapping Project

There are required objects that need to be set up in order to successfully process an Inbound EDI Document in EBI 3. Click here to access our "cheat sheet" to help acclimate both new and existing EBI users to the new object requirements.
Advanced Users
Create REST WebServices Provider in less than 15 Minutes
Does your company use REST WebServices? Click here to see step by step instructions that walk users through set-up from creating the project in EBI's workbench to performing testing on the local server.
EXTOL Business Integrator 2.6 Tips
EBI 2.6 for Beginners

How to Check for Rejected Functional Acknowledgements (997s)

There are times when users of EBI 2.6 will need to find Functional Acknowledgements that have been rejected by Trading Partners.  Click here to learn how to check for rejected Functional Acknowledgements.
Advanced Users

Complex AND/OR Data Binding Selection

Data Selection criteria can be critical in the creation of Outbound EDI Documents. Data selection is set up on EXTOL Data Bindings.
Click here to see how complex AND/OR logic is applied to an EXTOL Database Binding in EBI 2.6.
EXTOL EDI Integrator Tips
EEI for Beginners

Migrating Objects between QA & Production Environments

There will come a time when you need to migrate objects between QA and Production environments. Click here to learn how to migrate EXTOL EDI Integrator objects between QA and production EEI environments
Advanced Users

Determining if ASNs Were Sent via the RPGLE-997 Reporting Program

By reviewing the EXTOL table : EXLLMUSC, the RPGLE program reviews the number of outbound invoices and ASNs that have been sent, or not, in the past 24 hours. A unique email will be sent out per document type. Click here to review the 997 RPGLE program.
EXTOL Secure Exchange AS2 Tips
EXTOL Secure
Testing your AS2 Connection
Testing an AS2 connection is quite simple with the Telnet Command. Click here to learn how to test connectivity with Firewalls, Proxy Servers, and EXTOL Secure via the Telnet Command.