Everything EXTOL :: April 2015

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Dear Sean Hoppe:

This month we look at how we can use EXTOL EDI Integrator's Command: BATCHFTPS to facilitate SFTP communications. For EBI 2.6 and earlier releases we explore how to customize outbound functional acknowledgments (997). In March EXTOL released EXTOL Business Integrator 3.2 and we review the newly added features.

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Beginner and Advanced Topics for EXTOL Business Integrator 3
EBI 3 for Beginners

EBI 3.2 Released

On March 13, 2015 EXTOL released EBI 3.2. This release introduced updates to the EBI Project Generator and several other updates and fixes. To learn more CLICK HERE >
Advanced Users

Call BP from Ruleset

There are times we need to send an email from a ruleset. We show users how to call a business process from an EBI Ruleset. To see how this is done, CLICK HERE >
Beginner and Advanced Topics for EXTOL Business Integrator 2.6
EBI 2.6 for Beginners

AK2 & AK5 support

Sometimes a 997 does not tell us everything we need to know. We show users how to customize 997s to include the AK2 and AK5 segments. Let us us how how to Update 997s >
Advanced Users

Scan & Replace

EXTOL offers a scan and replace utility to remove control characters from within a data payload. To see how to use the utility, CLICK HERE >
Beginner and Advanced Topics for EXTOL EDI Integrator
EEI for Beginners

Add/Subtract Days

Using EXTOL's external call: ADDDAYS users can add or subtract days in the map. To learn more & see our example where we subtract 7 days, CLICK HERE >

Advanced Users

SFTP Support

EEI supports SFTP client and server models. Start using IBM's Digital Certificate Manager with ease to implement SFTP. To learn more about SFTP support, CLICK HERE>
EXTOL Secure Exchange 5.5
EXTOL Secure
EEI: Support Multiple ESX Environments
Users can customize EXTOL EDI Integrator to route inbound AS2 data to multiple EEI environments. To learn more, CLICK HERE >
EXTOL 6.5 Roadmap

EXTOL EDI Integrator 6.5

EXTOL is releasing EXTOL EDI Integrator 6.5 this summer. Learn about the new features and how you can take advantage of them. For EXTOL EDI Integrator 6.5 notes, CLICK HERE