Resolve Inbound EDI Unwrap Error to Identify TP

Resolve Inbound EDI Unwrap Error to Identify TP


We received an inbound x12 850 transaction from Due to a set-up issue the data came in as an Unwrap error

EXTOL EDI Integrator (EEI) Inbound Interchange Unwrap Error


The EXTOL trading partner details are not set-up correctly and needs to be exact, to perform the unwrap function in EEI.

EXTOL error message:

Users will see the highlighted 850 data in EXTOL to determine how to properly configure the EXTOL trading partner.

EXTOL EDI Integrator (EEI) Raw x12 inbound 850 data


EEI users will want to confirm that their trading partner set-up matches on 4 specific values, of the EDI x12 data

  • ISA05
  • ISA06
  • ISA07
  • ISA08
  • ISA15

EXTOL EDI Integrator (EEI) Trading Partner Details Screen 1

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