Duplicate Records in Database Table

Inbound Document Errors Due to Duplicate Records in Database Table


Inbound 850 is received (Unwrapped/Translated) and split to iSeries DB2 tables


When EXTOL splits the data to DB2 tables, errors occur (reason code 3) due to duplicate keys.

EXTOL error message:

Job 608413/SHOPPE/TRNSTD1011 started on 08/28/13 at 13:07:40 in subsystem
Operation on Application file VEDXPODS ended in error; reason code 3
Operation on Application file VEDXPOHS ended in error; reason code 3
File T50FILES/VEDXPODH member VEDXPODH opened with record length 511.
File T50FILES/VEDXPODS member VEDXPODS opened with record length 363.
5 records lost when member VEDXPODS closed.
File T50FILES/VEDXPOHA member VEDXPOHA opened with record length 723.
File T50FILES/VEDXPOHS member VEDXPOHS opened with record length 294.
5 records lost when member VEDXPOHS closed.
File T50FILES/VEDXPOHW member VEDXPOHW opened with record length 1071.
File T50FILES/VEDXPON member VEDXPON opened with record length 260.
Error 2 on split to application files for message log# 228810
split process.

Message . . . . : Operation on Application file VEDXPODS ended in error;
reason code 3

Cause . . . . . : A file error occurred for file VEDXPODS while data for
Trading partner 1302 group PO message ID 850 message class I850-1302 was
being translated. (If the application file set for message class I850-1302
is "S"=Split to multiple files, the file is opened by the splitting function
which occurs after translation.) The reason code is 3 from the following

1. error occurred on OPEN operation to VEDXPODS
2. error occurred on WRITE operation to VEDXPODS
3. error occurred on CLOSE operation to VEDXPODS
4. error on execution of user-specified OVRDBF for VEDXPODS
5. error on default OVRDBF for VEDXPODS

Recovery . . . : There are many possible causes of an error on a file
operation. Common causes at the file level include:
File does not exist in library (if specified on override) or in *LIBL of
translation job (if default was used)
File is locked by another job
Current job has insufficient authority to file
File has changed since mapping and EXLVLCKSA is "N"=do not check level

Causes of record level errors include:
Addition of the current record would cause a duplicate key on an access
path which requires unique keys (possibly on another file based on the same
file as mapped)
Addition of the current record would exceed the allocated member size
limit for the file


Review database tables that are causing errors. While reviewing DB2 tables check key fields. Once key fields are reviewed determine which values, in database table, match the inbound EDI data.

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