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Unwrap and De-Envelope Outbound EDI Data

8th January 2015

There are times we have enveloped and wrapped outbound EDI data, but decided we need to delete the data. Below we will review how to unwrap outbound EDI data and then de-envelope outbound EDI data.

STEP  1 :: Goto Mailroom

From the EXTOL main menu, choose menu option 1. Once chosen, we will see the menu below

EXTOL EDI Integrator Mailroom Menu

STEP 2 :: Option #12 - Start a New Outgoing Connection

From the EXTOL mailroom menu, choose menu option 12. Here we will see all connections that are currently wrapped and ready to send.

In the example below we will place a ‘U’ on the connection we want to unwrap

EXTOL EDI-Integrator Start Outgoing Connections Screen

STEP 3 :: Option #11 - Create Outgoing Connections

After we exit option #12, from the mailroom menu, we choose mailroom menu option #11. On this screen we will see everything that has been enveloped but not wrapped.

We will place a '4’ on the entry we want to de-envelope and delete.

EXTOL EDI-Integrator Create Outgoing Connections Screen

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