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Migrate EXTOL Trading Partner Between Environments

6th February 2015

When it comes time to migrate EXTOL EDI Integrator objects between QA and production EEI environments, there are specific area

Some of the objects we will want to copy are:

  • Trading Partner
  • Message Class(es)
  • Code Table(s)
  • Formula(s)

Trading Partner:

We will use CPYTP to move the trading partner to production. Once the trading partner is copied we will want to update the ISA/GS values. If there are outbound documents, we will want to update the trading partner message classes. In addition to the ISA/GS values we will want to reset the ISA/GS control numbers.

Message Class:

EXTOL provides the command: CPYMC. The copy message class command allows users to to move message classes between environments regardless of the message class existing in the target environment, or not.

Code Table:

Code tables are part of message classes. To copy code tables we will use: CPYCT. If there is an external call RPG/CL program being used, the program might need to be copied so it is located in the correct JOBD library.


Command: CPYFI gives users the ability to copy formulas between EXTOL environments.

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