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Monitor for multiple FTP messages with SCANTXTSRC

14th May 2016

When an FTP transmission is initiated we need to run the CMD: SCANTXTSRC. If we need to monitor for multiple messages we can create a message file (CRTMSGF) to hold the possible messages you can receive during communications.

Once created use the WRKMSGF command, 12=Work with message descriptions to enter messages for example:

Opt  Message ID  Severity  Message Text                    
    NET0001       0           No files to receive          
    NET0002       0           All files received successfully  

Then point the SCANTXTSRC command in your control script to that message file.

For example:

       80 CMDEXC      SCANTXTSRC SCANSTRING(*MSGID) FILE(QTEMP/EXTOLNET) MBR([email protected]) MSGQ([email protected]) MSGF(*LIBL/EXTOLNET) MSGID(NET0001 NET0002) IGNO              

The communications will only fail as determined by the ERRCON(*ABSENT) if neither of these two messages is found in the output of the FTP server.

For more Extol Examples:

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