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EXTOL Integrator (EEI) - Work with Duplicates (RFE)

16th December 2013

A Request for Enhancement for EEI would to allow users to interact more with the duplicate values EXTOL EEI captures.

Having utilized the EXTOL’s feature Work with Duplicates it can be frustrating to locate actual duplicate values from the Work with Duplicates Screen (LDVDF0R) with just the message log number.

When the a duplicate value has multiple message log number, a user has to review multiple EEI screens (DSPMSGLOG) to just determine the message log number; making the process so much more tedious.

EXTOL EDI Integrator (EEI) Work with duplicate values screenshot

Proposal: Users would be more empowered if they were able to scan and select records based on the duplicate value and/or Trading Partner value.

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