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EXTOL EDI Integrator (EEI) - Create Custom Menus

1st February 2014

Extol EDI Integrator allows users to create custom menus.

From the EXTOL help screen: User defined menus provide a method to build a customized menu. You can include an EXTOL option from a menu in a selection list or select one of your own programs to run. This screen provides a method of maintaining the menu name and description. To change or view the details of the menu heading, use the option to change the menu header. To work with the options for the menu, select the appropriate option. This screen is accessed by using the option from the System Configuration Menu or the command EDTUSRMNU. To provide access to the menus that you create, you can add the command EXTOL to your program, or the command YGO. The EXTOL command checks the data area, EXUSRMNU to determine the first menu to display. If the data area is empty or the menu does not exist, the user is given the opportunity to select from the list of user defined menus that you have created. If you have not created user defined menus, the EXTOL main menu is displayed. To use the YGO command, prompt YGO and place the name of your initial menu in the MENU field and EXUMNUL0 in the FILE field. EXUMNUL0 is the user defined menu file.

This function allows you to add new records to a database file, and to change existing records in the file. The function may be used in either of two modes: ‘Create’ mode and 'Change’ mode. When in 'Create’ mode you may add new records; when in 'Change’ mode you may change existing records. You may switch between the two modes by means of a function key.

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