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EXTOL EDI Integrator - Export/Update/Resend outbound EDI data

22nd February 2014

In an earlier post we reviewed how to export EDI data from EXTOL EDI Integrator

In our scenario below, we will do the following

  • Export data to a DB2 file
  • Move the data to an IFS directory
  • Resend the data via EXTOL Secure (ESX).

1. Send data to network: *FILE. This is opposite to network: *ESX

2. Export data from EDI Integtator - EXPNWRDTA CNNLOGNBR(0603219) FILE(SHOPPE/S12897468) RCDLEN(1024) DIR(*SEND)

3. Copy data to an IFS file - CPYTOSTMF FROMMBR(’/qsys.lib/shoppe.lib/S12897468.file/S12897468.mbr’) TOSTMF(’/extol/esxdata/S12897468.txt’) STMFOPT(*REPLACE) STMFCODPAG(*PCASCII)

4. Update data in IFS

5. Execute RMVCTLCHR for each IFS instance: RMVCTLCHR STMF(’/extol/esxdata/S12897468.txt’) WRKDIR(’/extol/esxdata/ABCCorp’) CTL_0D0A(*YES)

6. Create IFS directory: CRTDIR DIR(’/extol/esxdata/ABCCorp’) DTAAUT(*RWX) OBJAUT(*ALL)

7. Create ESX filesystem monitor and ESX channel – How to create Monitor

8. Assign Channel to ABCCorp partnership

9. Copy IFS data from /extol/esxdata/ to /extol/esxdata/ABCcorp

For more information, on EXTOL EDI Integrator How-to/Tips

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