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EXTOL Secure - Using the Correct Public Cert for your AS2 Partner

24th April 2014

Sometimes trading partners can issue multiple public certificates. When EXTOL Secure users try to see if they are using the correct certificate, the serial number that would show up in EXTOL (below) will not match the certificate serial number when the certificate is opened in Windows.


Another way to tell if the correct public cert is not being used is by the MDN that is returned from the AS2 partner. If EXTOL users get back an MDN, such as the one below, indicating there is a decryption error, it means that the public certificate EXTOL is using is not correct and the AS2 partner is unable to decrypt the data.


Content-Type: multipart/report;Report-Type=disposition-notification;boundary=“_=8804197527131905Sterling8804197527131905MOKO”


Your message could not be processed.

Content-Type: message/disposition-notification

Original-Recipient: rfc822;AS2Partner
Final-Recipient: rfc822;AS2Partner
Original-Message-ID: <[email protected]6>
Received-Content-MIC: NhlRAICfFGYLLEokF/OtDsQPXjU=,sha1
Disposition: Automatic-action/mdn-sent-automatically;processed/Error: decryption-failed


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