EXTOL EDI Integrator 6.5 Released

EXTOL EDI Integrator 6.5 Released

12th August 2015

EXTOL EDI Integrator 6.5

EXTOL EDI Integrator 6.5 was released on August 10, 2015. Users looking to take advantage of the new functionality would need to be at v7r1, minimum

In addition to bug and performance fixes, the following enhancements were added:

  • Non-EDI Processing - Non-EDI Processing allows users to send and receive non-EDI documents through EEI. Using this feature, documents
    in any non-EDI format (such as XML or spreadsheet) can be tracked in EEI’s Mailroom.
  • Carbon Copy - Carbon Copy allows you to automatically send a copy of an inbound interchange to another trading partner for
    inbound X12 and EDIFACT documents.
  • Change Management - Change Management is a structured approach to documenting and tracking changes to objects within EEI. Features
    include Message Class History, Notes, and Save Catalog.
  • Repeating Elements - This release includes support for repeating elements in the EDIFACT standards beginning with EDIFACT version
    10B. Repeating elements are a single or composite element with the ability to repeat multiple times within a segment.
  • New Standards - EEI supports new X12 standards up to version 6050 and new EDIFACT standards up to version 14A.

Below are earlier releases of EEI;

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