Q1/2018 - ReaKtor LabZ will release ProaKtor

Q1/2018 - ReaKtor LabZ will release ProaKtor

20th November 2017


Monitor Everything From Your Pocket

Cleo Clarify and Cleo EDI Integrator users will have full visibility to their systems all on their smartphones – Droid and iPhone. This includes server health, successful and unsuccessful processes, transactions at the trading partner level, EDI and non-EDI, and more…

In additional to being compatible to Cleo products, ProaKtor is agnostic to server and application. This means that our open-source developer APIs will allow end users to monitor non-Cleo servers and non-Cleo applications.

Users that choose to use the Cleo Harmony Cloud offering, will also have the option to use ProaKtor SaaS. ProaKtor SaaS will give end-users full visibility to their business operations in the cloud.

WEBSITE: ReaKtorLabZ.com

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