Review: Death by 1,000 Integration Tools

Review: Death by 1,000 Integration Tools

15th September 2014


Above, EXTOL’s Jim O'Leary talks about companies implementing a hodgepodge of data translators that have to be supported by multiple resources with different skillsets. These data translators can be fully supported products and/or free downloadable solutions. Some have email support, some only have forum support.

Each time an integrator is implemented there are learning curves involved, new documentation, all new interfaces have to be created into your ERP system(s).

EXTOL Business Integrator offers users the ability to learn something once and extrapolate their learnings’ to multiple interfaces, ie, flatfile, xml, spreadsheet, edi, and database. With 24 hour support and multiple avenues to learn and maintain skillsets, EXTOL users have a ‘team’ behind them.

Most of all, alot of these interfaces have turned into mission critical processes. Is your company willing to place their trust in a online forum at 2am when orders are not being received???

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