Review: Remedi's End-of-Support Dates for EXTOL's products

Review: Remedi's End-of-Support Dates for EXTOL's products

3rd October 2014


In Remedi’s September 19 2014 posting: Integration And EDI Software End of Support Dates - EXTOL there are references to sunset dates for the EXTOL product line.

IN A NUTSHELL: No products are being discontinued, support is not going away.

My Take: As a former EXTOL employee EXTOL is going to support all products. However, if a customer is on an early version of EBI and the end-user is having an issue that was (or possibly) addressed in a later version of an EXTOL product, EXTOL support is going to recommend the client upgrade.

Take EXTOL Business Integrator (EB) 2.5 for example. Many customers still use this version and EXTOL supports it. Since EBI 2.5 has been released, EBI 2.6 has been released with several 2.6 sub-releases. If a user has a re-occurring unexplained error EXTOL Support might try to debug the error in EBI 2.6, in-house. If the problem is solved EXTOL is going to recommend the user upgrade to EBI 2.6.

One takeaway that Remedi’s posting DID NOT ADDRESS: EBI 2.6 will be supported however, there will be no future sub-releases. Meaning if a minor bug is discovered in EBI 2.6, there will be no upgrades. However, if a serious issue is found EXTOL will think about a fix.

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