EXTOL University - Introduction to EBI 3 Studio

EXTOL University - Introduction to EBI 3 Studio

10th October 2014

On the 2nd day of EXTOL University, EXTOL Project Manager David Ogozalek introduced the EBI 3 Studio.

Dave’s session showed users how to navigate the EBI 3 Studio Client. The studio client is much more than a place to view and develop the EBI objects.

Dave showed users the following aspects :


  • Workbench: The EBI Workbench perspective serves as EBI’s design-time environment. EBI objects used in your integration Projects are created and maintained here.
  • Admin Console: Use Admin Console perspective to perform various administrative functions and monitor system operations. Users can access the local server and production servers from here.
  • SVN Repository: The SVN Repository Exploring perspective allows for operating and navigating repository locations.
  • Team Synchronizing: The Team Synchronizing perspective is used to synchronize resources in the local Workspace with their counterparts shared in a repository. Common uses include synchronizing resource versions, viewing history, and comparing resource content.


  • Minimize/Maximize
  • Move Window
  • Detach Window
  • View Menu

OBJECT CREATION: Dave showed the multiple ways to create EXTOL objects in the EBI Studio


  • Locate EBI Objects with Ctrl+Shift+R
  • Link with Editor
  • Utilizing multiple workspaces for Test/QA and Production
  • How to Copy rules/logic between rulesets
  • How to back-out changes via Edit->Undo (Ctrl+Z)

Below are supplementary posts that can assist users navigating the EBI 3 Studio:

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