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M3 is part of the Infor family of ERP packages (below)

  • M3 ERP
  • SX.enterprise™ (formerly NxTrend)
  • XA™ (formerlyMAPICS)
  • LN™(formerly Baan)
  • SyteLine™
  • BPCS™
  • Adage™
  • Lawson

How We Can Help:

There are several ways one can interface with M3. One option is using Infor ION Connect or directly with the order entry tables OYHEAD/OYLINE

  • ION Connect :: Enables applications to transmit and receive small XML documents, called Business Object Documents (BODs), into the ION Connect framework
  • OYHEAD/OYLINE :: There are times M3 users do not want to implement ION Connect and would rather interface with M3 directly. We assist users with interfacing with the back-up tables, such as OYHEAD/OYLINE.

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Cleo/ERP Set-ups

We have examples for many ERPs that interface with Cleo. We customize interfaces for JDEdwards, SAP, VAI/S2K, and Oracle.