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Updated: July 8th, 2021


  • EXMMTRL0 - Message Class Constants
  • EXLLMRL1 - Extol Log of Message File
  • EXDINPP - Inbound/Outbound Unwrapped EDI Connection Data
  • EXDDWPP - Inbound/Outbound Wrapped EDI Connection Data
  • EXTTUPP - Listing of Trading Partner Message Classes

EXTSYS Library

  • EXTSYSLVL - Determine EEI Version and Release Values
  • EXDBG - Place EEI into Debug Mode


Daily Usage

Custom Mapping

RPG/CL External Calls/Exit Points

Functional Acknowledgments

External Calls

Exit Points

EDI Reports

EEI Automation

FTP Client/Server

Trading Partner Set-ups



Purge Commands/Set-up

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