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Cleo JDEdwards Maps, Packages and Interfaces

JDE Releases:

  • JDEdwards World
  • JDEdwards One World
  • JDEdwards Enterprise One
  • E1 database: 8, 11g, 12c

JDEdwards/Cleo Services

JDEdwards/Cleo Training

JDEdwards How-To Tips/Notes

JDEdwards Data Integrator Package for Cleo Clarify

JDEdwards E1 Best Practices

Cleo/JDEdwards E1 Starter Maps - Frequently Asked Questions

Cleo/JDEdwards E1 Oracle- Common Errors

Cleo/JDE Starter Maps and Packages (Templates):

Cleo/JDE Specific Trading Partner Maps and Packages (Templates):

JDE Functions

  • Execute UBEs from Cleo Business Integrator
  • Use work center to diagnose order edit/update issues and UBE issues

Cleo/JDE Day-to-Day functions

  • Work with customer service reps to determine edit/update errors
  • Create item cross reference items in F4104
  • Work with UOM conversions (F41002). Common during JDE/EDI conversions.
  • Research/update address book entries for new ship-to locations -- F0101/F0116
  • Implement/maintain the usage of Who's who to store/maintain location IDs -- F0111

Cleo/JDEdwards Clarify set-up steps

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Cleo/ERP Set-ups

We have examples for many ERPs that interface with Cleo. We customize interfaces for JDEdwards, SAP, VAI/S2K, and Oracle.