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Send outbound 997 with AK2, AK3, AK5 segments

27th November 2014

The basic functional acknowledgment (997) EXTOL EDI Integrator sends consists of AK1 and AK9 segments. There are times we need to modify the 997 to include the AK5 and AK2 segments.


The acknowledgement level of detail code is specified for each trading partner, and is also a part of each trading partner message class record. The trading partner message class record may specify that the value of the code from the trading partner file is to be used as a default.

More detailed information on what updates were made to Functional Acks, CLICK HERE >

BEFORE :: Basic EEI 997 w/o AK2 and AK5 segments

FA functional acknowledgement 997 cleo extol EDI EEI AK2 AK5 segment

AFTER :: Modified EEI 997 w/ AK2, AK3, AK5 segments

Outbound x12 997 EDI data with Ak2, AK3 and AK5 segments


To update the formatting of the functional acknowledgement users will goto Trading Partner Detail Screen 2, to update Acknowledgment level to send. We will update the value from “G” to “F”

Clei EDI Intgegrator. Tranding Partners Detail Screen 2

Background of Acknowledgement Messages
F - Element level; all msgs
E - Element lvl; msgs in err
G - Group level; all groups
I - Interchange lvl; all ints
O - Message level; all msgs
M - Message lvl; msgs in err
Q - Msg lvl;all msgs S/E
P - Msg lvl;msgs in err S/E
N - No acknowledgement used
T - Segment level; all msgs
S - Segment lvl; msgs in err

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