EXTOL/VAI Custom Interfaces/Programs

Version 1

In the EXTOL/SAP Adapter set-up below we create an outbound Lowes x12 870. We use outbound SAP 855 process to create the outbound 870 data. The adapter package includes the ruleset, idoc schema and other related objects.
Note: Some items might need to be updated to reflect trading partner specific settings.

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EBI EDI Endpoint

  • APP.Generic.SAP.LowesSOS.Outbound.870
  • EDI.Generic.SAP.LowesSOS.Outbound.870

EBI EDI Message Schema

  • EDI_X12_4010_870

EBI Source Schema

  • SAP_ORDERS05O Version: 1.0

EBI Transformations

  • EBI Ruleset
    • Generic.SAP.Outbound.870.LowesSOS
    • Transformation Setting
      • Default Transformation Settings version 2.1

    EBI Business Process Script

    • Generic.SAP.Outbound.855.Collaboration

    EBI Inbound Collaboration Profile

    • Generic.SAP.Outbound.870.LowesSOS

    Outbound Collaboration Processor

    • Generic.SAP.Outbound.855.Collaboration

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Cleo/ERP Set-ups

We have examples for many ERPs that interface with Cleo. We customize interfaces for JDEdwards, SAP, VAI/S2K, and Oracle.