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What Happens When we Come On-Site at your Organization?

18th July 2019

Alot can be gained when one of our employees come on-site at your organization.

Before arrival, we will work with the employees to set-up a Cleo Clarify agenda. This agenda can encompass many areas. To name a few, the agenda can address:

  • Conduct Clarify training
  • Review Clarify best practices
  • Discuss how-to right-size the systems for an initial installation of Cleo Clarify and Harmony

Below is an example of a recent agenda we used when we went on-site to visit  SAP/Clarify users:

  • Review existing trading partner mapping
  • Discuss possible challanges with outbound SAP DESADV/ASN process
  • Review outbound 855 (PoAck) process
  • Document Back-up / Purge Process
  • Implement SVN Best Practices: Branches, Trunks and Tags
  • Time-Tested Deployment Processes
  • Explore V2 Rulesets advantages: Implementing InsertReference, Preferred Rules, Testing within Ruleset
  • Research Postgre Querying Options
  • Work with Hardware/infrastructure team to ‘right size’ installation machines/instances
  • Help determine whether on-prem, or cloud based installation makes sense

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